How I Made $1,703 in My First Month on Upwork

If you have experience in your field and looking to start on Upwork, you might actually enjoy the platform. But, stay away from worthless gigs, especially if you already have an audience somewhere else.

You can skip the bottom-feeding clients that want to pay your hard work with peanuts and start working on cool projects. I’m receiving weekly pay, which is cool as the money is constantly coming in and serves as extra money to deal with life.

The Upwork fees are manageable, especially if you’re working with good clients. Upwork fees drop to 10% after earning the first $500, and then to 5% later on. You can also expect to lose a few extra points on transaction fees and conversions.

Upwork is a good deal for some, even if you live in a developed country. Extra $1,703 a month might pay your rent, help with student and car loans, or go towards your next vacation. If you’re writing for money, checking up Upwork is not as bad as it sounds.

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