Ask HN: Is it true Google is a failure when it comes to developing new products?

Google seems to kill most products..

Google fails to launch most products successfully..

Most of the successful products that Google does have were acquired..

Some notable Failures: – Google+ – Google Desktops – Google url shortener – Picasa – Chrome Apps – Google Answers – Real estate map on google maps – cloud (?)

Successful products but they were acquired:

– youtube – analytics – android


Also same thing with facebook. They had to acquire whatsapp and instagram, but then went ahead and lost to tiktok in some ways. Oculus is a failure. Marketplace is successful but it’d be hard for it not to be.

What gives, how come companies with all the resources can’t get logical next steps in their product offerings off the ground and also fail to innovate.

Why do they have 10k engineers but make so little??

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