Comcast extends 1.2TB monthly Xfinity data cap to nearly all customers

Comcast plans to implement monthly data caps for Xfinity home internet customers across nearly its entire service area in 2021.

The data cap will be 1.2 terabytes a month, and will apply to a slew of states in the northeastern U.S. starting in 2021. A similar cap is already in effect for non-unlimited customers across most of the other areas that Comcast services.

Starting in March, non-unlimited customers who exceed 1.2TB a month will be charged $10 per additional 50GB of data over that limit. The maximum additional charge per month is $100.

To ease users into the new caps, Comcast will give Xfinity customers who aren’t on an unlimited plan a credit for any usage over that data cap in January and February.

Comcast will implement the new data caps in Connecticut; Delaware; Massachusetts; Maryland; Maine; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; Virginia, Vermont; West Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and parts of North Carolina and Ohio.

According to the internet service provider, 95% of its customers don’t hit the 1.2TB-a-month threshold.

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