Satechi releases trio of new high-wattage GaN chargers

On Thursday, Apple accessory brand Satechi launched three new high-wattage GaN chargers to keep all of your gear topped off.

The new Gallium Nitride chargers include a 66W three-port charger, a 100W USB-C PD charger, and a 108W three-port charger for a variety of different use cases.

That 66W charger has multiple output combinations including 65W or 66W through a single USB-C port, 30W/30W or 45W/20W through two ports, or 30W/18W/18W through all three ports. It has a foldable plug that makes it ideal for taking on the go.

Satechi’s 66W three-port charger is available from Satechi for $54.99.

Moving up, the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger can collapse as well but is able to charge high-powered devices such as large battery packs with 100W inputs or Apple’s massive 16-inch MacBook Pro with a 90W input.

This can be found for $69.99 from Satechi.

Finally, the 108W USB-C three-port charger can power up multiple devices at once and can handle several different output combinations. 100W, 60W/45W, 88W/20W, 45W/30W/30W, 58W/30W/20W, and 65W/20W/20W are all supported.

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