AppleCare+ reduces service fee for iPhone back glass damage

Apple on Tuesday updated its AppleCare+ service product by adding coverage for back glass damage, significantly lowering the price of some repairs for iPhone 12 and the just-announced iPhone 13.

Noted in an addendum to the iPhone Repair and Service support page, the new AppleCare+ coverage option is technically an extension of an existing fee tier for screen-only damage.

Previously, damage to an iPhone’s back glass constituted a $99 repair when the device was covered with an AppleCare+ plan. Screen-only repairs, however, were priced at $29 without other significant damage. With today’s change, back-glass only repairs are included in the screen-only category and can be conducted by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for $29.

As noted by MacRumors, which spotted the AppleCare+ change today, iPhones with damage to both the screen and back glass will incur a $58 charge as long as there is no other damage to the device.

While not confirmed, the reduction in pricing suggests Apple has developed a method of replacing the back glass on modern iPhone designs without significantly increasing labor or parts costs.

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