Kernel prepatch 5.15-rc7

[Kernel] Posted Oct 25, 2021 18:55 UTC (Mon) by corbet

The 5.15-rc7 kernel prepatch is out, rather later than would have normally been expected due to Linus’s travel schedule.

But please do give it a good testing to make sure we’ve shaken out any issues. I have yet more travel coming up next week, so it would be very convenient for me to delay the merge window if I get the excuse to do so, but right now that looks unlikely.

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You Can Now Directly Read Data Logs From Tesla Vehicles (Jalopnik)

[Development] Posted Oct 21, 2021 23:24 UTC (Thu) by corbet

The Jalopnik automotive site has posted an article on a (relatively) new set of open-source tools that can extract log data from Tesla cars.

Since Tesla cars run a Debian-based operating system, navigating through their file systems is somewhat trivial to anyone who’s spent a weekend messing with virtual Linux machines (or watching Mr. Robot). Actually accessing the car’s memory, however, is considerably harder: all cases require at least partially disassembling the dashboard, and some even require disassembly of the car’s media control unit.

Once that’s done, however, the data trove is incredible.

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Announcing Rust 1.56.0 and Rust 2021

[Development] Posted Oct 21, 2021 19:35 UTC (Thu) by jake

The Rust language project has announced the release of stable version 1.56.0 and the Rust 2021 edition.

We wrote about plans for the Rust 2021 Edition in May. Editions are a mechanism for opt-in changes that may otherwise pose backwards compatibility risk. See the edition guide for details on how this is achieved. This is a smaller edition, especially compared to 2018, but there are still some nice quality-of-life changes that require an edition opt-in to avoid breaking some corner cases in existing code.

See the detailed release notes for 1.56.0 for lots more information on the release.

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Notes from the 2021 Git Contributors' Summit

[Development] Posted Oct 21, 2021 15:04 UTC (Thu) by corbet

For those who are curious about where the development of Git is headed: Johannes Schindelin has posted an extensive set of notes from the just-concluded Git Contributors’ Summit.

We held our second all-virtual Summit over the past two days. It was the traditional unconference style meeting, with topics being proposed and voted on right before the introduction round. It was really good to see the human faces behind those email addresses. 32 contributors participated, and we spanned the timezones from PST to IST.

Be sure to go into the thread for the full notes.

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